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Worlds Cyclocross Highlight Video

This is much more exciting action than last night’s Super (if you’re a Seahawks fan) Bowl.

If you do nothing else, make sure you watch the first 30 seconds of this race.The sprint for the first corner of this 1 hour race looks like it could be a sprint finish in the Tour de France. Amazing how hard they fight to be in the right position from the gun.

This video provides a great lesson for all the amateur runners, cyclists, and triathletes out there. We’ll fill you in on that below the video.

Lessons that can be applied:

  1. The more “technical” a race course, the more important good positioning becomes
  2. The larger a race, the more important being near the front becomes

Make sure you know the course of your next race. If there is a technical section where passing is going to be difficult, make sure you spend the extra energy before that point of the race to put yourself in as good of position as possible. It does no good to have great fitness if you are stuck behind a jam of other racers while the leaders fade into the distance.

What race(s) have you done where positioning is significantly more important than others? We’d love to hear about them.

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