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What Does It Take to Be an Endurance Athlete?

this is a photo of a coach training a group of endurance athletes

“Endurance” sports are individual competitions where your muscles are not pushed to their max intensity, but they are pushed, and pushed hard, for uncomfortably long periods of time. It’s the marathon instead of the sprint. Some of the famous endurance challenges are the original Ironman Triathalon, the three-day Ultraman World Championship, and the 23-day Tour de France.

Why Do They Do It?

Seriously, these games redefine pain. Costs are huge in time, effort and money. You will be forced to push yourself in new ways — physically and mentally — to test the absolute limits of your body and mind.

Pretty much, that is exactly why men and women do it. Capitalists are motivated by profit; soldiers are motivated by patriotism; endurance athletes are motivated by the question, “Can I go farther?”

You can go farther, but you’ll never go as as far as you can unless you have an in-house or online endurance coach.

How Do They Do It?

Regardless of which extreme adventure you choose, two peculiarities are common:

Success is impossible without persistence, dedication and discipline. Training is not “when I get to it”, it is an absolute necessity. No human runs 26 miles on a whim, the body isn’t built for it; it must become accustomed to unnatural stresses. Your body must define a new natural to be achieved and maintained.

Psychology is equal to persistence. Isaac Azimov nailed it in a science fiction novel when a teacher informs a student he is about to be promoted: “You had hoped you would qualify. You had feared you would not. Actually, both hope and fear are weaknesses. You knew you would qualify and you hesitate to admit the fact because such knowledge might stamp you as cocksure and therefore unfit. Nonsense! … It is part of your qualification that you knew you would qualify.” This isn’t the braggard talking, the oaf who thinks he can do anything; it’s the professional, the one who has put in the work to create the as-perfect-as-possible tool for the job.

Bring It All Together

All successful endurance athletes know they need help — a great online triathlon coach who knows how to blend human physiology principles, high- and low-tech training equipment and methods, proper nutrition and a host of other factors to the perfect balance that meets your individual needs. Online training from BPC Human Performance Coaching is your best shot at bring home the bragging rights.

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