Video analysis is a great tool to help pinpoint flaws or weak points in an athlete’s technique and/or biomechanics. It is the #1 thing we recommend to people who are looking to decrease their risk of injury and gain some increases in overall performance. With the use of a high frame rate camera and video analysis software, we are able to show the athlete exactly when and where they could be losing power, efficiency, or even subjecting themselves to injury prone movement patterns. Then we will show the athlete drills and suggest possible strength work that can be done to resolve any issues.

Video analysis can be used for swim stroke, bike skills, and running mechanics. If you would like to get your pedal stroke analyzed, we suggest doing our Dynamic Bike Fit. Each session lasts about an hour, and includes coaching during that session. After the session is over, your coach will send you a follow up email recapping some of the main issues found during the session. Videos are available upon request.

$125 per session for non-coached athletes
$100 per session for coached athletes

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