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Strength Training: Not Just for Bulking

Endurance Athletes Rejoice

Finally, there is a strength training program that isn’t all about bulking up and is actually designed specifically for runners, triathletes, and cyclists. The folks at BPC (Build Peak Compete) offer their HOP Strength Program for as little as $49 per month and with twice weekly workouts, that’s less than $10 per session. Now how can you beat that?

BPC Does It!

Don’t let the HOP name fool you. It may stand for House Of Pain Strength Training, but the overall process is entirely less painful than other programs out there. With live web-conferencing twice a week that is recorded just in case you have to miss a session and workouts that are completed in the comfort of your own home or location of choosing, you are in control of your new endurance training but held to standards like never before. With just an internet connection and some adjustable dumbbells and/or bands, you can complete your twice weekly 45 minute workout no matter where you are.

Along with this accessibility and ease-of-use, you’ll have a coach and fellow HOPers to help you stay motivated and hold you accountable. If you keep missing sessions, expect to be called out on it. You can also use your device’s camera during the session to get live feedback from your coach and there is a private Facebook group for the HOP Athletes that can be used for support, motivation, and socializing.

No More Excuses!

Tired of struggling to consistently hit your strength work? Are you even doing any strength work even though you know that you should? All too many endurance athletes falter in this area and it’s exactly where BPC and HOPS can help. These classes are designed by their expert coaches and geared for the specific needs of endurance athletes like yourself. Utilizing their unique workout and the latest in video conference software, you’ll have all of the benefits of having your own coach – right in your own living room.

For just a few bucks more than the HOP Strength package, you can get an Unlimited membership that gives you access to all of their recored sessions and, unlike all too many other programs out there, you can quit any time hassle-free.

Visit our website for more details and to signup today. It’s time to work on what you’ve been neglecting. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or triathlete – Build Peak Complete’s HOPS program is the endurance strength training program you’ve been missing.

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