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Pre Race Holiday Vegan Nogcakes

As athletes with limited to no nutrition from animal products, we constantly try to invent new ways to make food vegan or vegetarian friendly. As time crunched people, we try to make things quick and easy. Given the time of the year, it’s always cool to throw in a little holiday cheer. So here is a simple recipe for our awesome Pre Race Holiday Vegan Nogcakes.


2 Cups Pancake Mix (egg/whey free – not the “just add water” variety)

1/2 Cup of Apple Sauce (awesome egg replacer)

1 Cup Soy Nog (we use the Silk brand)

1-2 Cups of your favorite fruit


Combine the pancake mix, apple sauce, and soy nog in bowl. Mix until smooth. Heat up a large pan or griddle. If non stick, you don’t need any oil. If using cast iron, just put some oil on a paper towel and coat the entire pan. Throw the mix on the hot surface in whatever amazing shapes and sizes you are feeling. I usually make swim buoys, but you have free reign to be more creative than me. Watch them until they have stopped expanding, usually 2-3 minutes, and then flip. I find it usually makes 8-10 Nogcakes.

To replace the liquid refined sugar sauce known as syrup (there’s sugar in syrup?), just throw your favorite fruit into a vitamix or blender for a few seconds until it is at least a puree. Tip: don’t use frozen fruit. Pouring a smoothie on top of hot pancakes makes said pancakes cold.

Whammy! Try these babies a couple hours before your next race or workout and you’re sure to be fueled and ready to work! I warn you. You may never go back to regular pancakes.


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