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Coaches on Couches Ep. 39 – Major Lessons Gained From 10 Years of Coaching

It’s a bit of a special episode for us. May marks the 10 year anniversary of BPC Coaching. It’s been a fun and wild ride helping athletes of all ages and ability levels improve in their health, fitness, and the sports they love.

But you don’t make it 10 years without gaining a bit of wisdom (yeah we said it…wisdom), making long term observations, and learning specific lessons that there is no research to back, no book of knowledge to guide you, and are only specific to the population we work with.

So we’ll drop them on you. One after another. All of which formulate a major part of the way we coach. Some super specific, some vague but no less important.

Here’s to another 10 years!

Shout Outs:
– Sally Landham
– Leigh Ruston
– Liz Hall
– Jeremy Matthews
– Scott Stader of Run365

Good Luck:
Gulf Coast 70.3 Athletes

Coaches on Couches Ep. 38 – Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon – Amazing Ultra Marathon Race Directors

We’re talking to Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon, race directors of the Walking Tall 50k/25k trail race, about their 6th born (we don’t really know how many kids Sean has).

These two guys have put massive time and energy into creating what we believe to be the premier ultra marathon in West TN. This is what you get when you bring together a financial planner and an eagle scout civil engineer. A grand ole trail adventure.

We’ll talk to them about how their dream became a reality and how they ended up getting 300+ runners in a 1st year ultra event. By the way, that’s unheard of. We also go into what’s new for the 2019 race, and what will most certainly stay the same. Hint: the course.

We cap it off with our major tips for preparing yourself for this event, or any long trail event with lots of elevation for that matter.

So if you are a race director, trail junkie, or someone who likes to get lost in the woods for hours, you won’t want to miss this episode.

For more info on the Walking Tall 50k/25k go to

Shout Outs!

Phillip Young – 1st overall Tupelo Sprint Tri
Heather Nichols – 2nd overall female Tupelo Sprint Tri
All our Big Frog Challenge athletes (too many to list)
Will Levy – Longest Ride to Date
North Mississippi Endurance Team
April Hilsdon
Adam Williams
Lorrie Williams
McNairy County Bank (McCall Wilson)

Coaches on Couches Ep. 37 – The Keys to Quick Transitions

Multisport is an A to B race. The clock doesn’t stop in T1 and T2 people. So we are going to release our tips for free speed into the wild. We’ve done dozens of talks and clinics on this subject so we’re refining it down to only the things that can make you faster with just a little knowhow and practice. No intervals required.

So in this episode we talk about the keys of fast transitions. If you have no idea what transitions are, this one may not be for you. Unless you plan to do some multisport events in the near future…then it’s exactly for you. And should be required.

Here are the major bullet points:

– Declutter your transition area.
– Organize your transition area. Consider the order you will take off and put on gear.
– Mark your spot! Don’t rely on your gear to tip you off to your spot (funny story here)
– Learn the flying mount and dismount!
– The ole T2 grab and go
– One last bike and gearing check before going to the swim start
– Practice!

We add in a few more tips and Coach Dale goes into why he doesn’t think shoes on the bike is the fastest way out of T1 for non-drafting events.

If you are ready to take minutes off your overall time, sit back, throw on your goofy looking helmet, get your speed laces set, and join us on the couch.

Shout Outs:
– Mathieu van der Poel

Good Lucks:
– Big Frog Challenge Athletes

If you are local and want to sharpen your skills in T1 and T2, come to our FREE Transition Clinic May 8th, 2019, at 6pm. Ric Nuber YMCA. More info HERE.

Coaches on Couches Ep. 36 – The Value of Sweat Sodium Testing to Endurance Athletes

We’ve talked before (episode 1) about avoiding a heat beat down, but today we are going to talk specifically about the value of sweat sodium testing.

We chat about:
– What is sweat sodium testing?
– Why is sodium so important?
– How much sweat sodium concentration varies in athletes
– What’s the average?
– What to do with the numbers once you have them
– How we test sweat sodium concentration
– Cost of testing and how to find a testing location in your area

Booking group or local (Memphis) testing:

Find a testing center near you:

Estimate your sweat sodium with a free online test:…?source=bpc

Don’t miss this week’s massive list of shout outs!

– Philippe Gilbert
– Ben Kanute and Daniela Ryf
– Makena Gates and Justin Lippert
– Megan Fillnow and Patrick Parish
– Todd Buckingham and Casidy Hickey
– Kirsten Sass
– Hart Robinson and David Collins
– Our Los Locos Duathlon AG Podiums (too many to list for time sake, you know who you are!)
– Ironman Memphis?
– Brian and Jade at Baron’s Man Cave for the tight do’s

Coaches on Couches Ep. 35 – What We’ve Learned From Our Best and Worst Race Moments


In this episode, Coach D and Coach B-Fun break down what they learned from their best and worst race experiences.

From poor hydration, to poor race preparation, to not knowing the competition, we’ve screwed it all up in our days so you don’t have to. It just so happens that we learn a lot more from the races that didn’t go as planned.

This is a shorter episode with a little story time so get comfy and enjoy!

This week’s Shout Outs:

– Alberto Bettiol
– Liz Hall
– Adrian Hall
– Phillip Young
– Willis Porter
– Steven Bassett
– Joe Martin Stage Race