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Coaches on Couches Ep.53 – The Golden Rules of Bike Racing As a Team

If you race your bike with a group of other people in the same clothing as you, be it a road race, criterium, or on gravel, there are a set of commandments thou shalt follow 95% of the time to insure you all race as a team. Why? A team is stronger than any one individual 95% of the time. It’s true that overall team strategies work about 5% of the time in amateur racing, but if you follow these simple rules your squad will increase those odds tremendously and hopefully put one of your riders on the top step of the podium.
Team glory first! Personal glory 2nd. Don’t trip when you read that.
You want to be a good teammate right!? Well then gather with your squad, grab a soft surface, and join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches.
Shout Outs
Coach B-Fun – Cat 1 TN Criterium State Champ!
Taylor Herron – Cat 2 TN Criterium State Champ! TBRA Cat 2 Overall Jersey Winner
Tim Linn – 1st Overall Elite – Yeoju Half Distance Tri
Chris Watts – 1st AG Dragonfly Tri
Heather Nichols – 1st AG Dragonfly Tri
Jamie Bailey – 3rd Overall Female Dragonfly Tri
Grayson Edwards – 1st overall Dragonfly Tri
Leigh Ruston – Most Aggressive Rider Award!
Good Luck
ITU World Championship Athletes
Record Challenge Athletes
Gateway Cup
Shout At
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Coaches on Couches Ep. 52 – You Had a Bad Day…Let’s Deal With It!

Guess what? Stuff happens.

As a triathlete, cyclist, or runner, if you swim, bike, and/or run fairly often, you are going to have some bad days here and there. Some that are out of your control and some that you could have prevented. It’s inevitable. Happens to the best in the world, and the newbie alike.

The 3 most important things you can hold on to when coping with a crap day are:

1. You’ll learn more from a bad day than a good day…any day.

2. Not one single day, workout, or race defines you as an athlete.

3. Weakness = opportunity

So this week we plan to make lemonade out of lemons and talk through some tips and strategies that we use with our athletes for dealing with those down right shhhhhh….bad days.

Shout Outs!

Cliff Abeles – 2nd AG 12 Overall Possumtown Triathlon

Jamie Bailey – 1st Overall Female Possumtown Triathlon

Hart Robinson – TN State MTB Champ! Pro Division

David Collins – 3rd Single Speed TN State MTB Championship

Willis Porter – New Power Bests

Good Luck!

Dragonfly Triathlon

Rocketman Triathlon

Traverse City 70.3

Yeoju Half Distance Tri (South Korea)

Coaches on Couches Ep. 51 – All Things Leadville 100 With Hart Robinson and David Collins

Coming off a couple of stellar Leadville 100 performances, we bring back a previous guest, Hart “He Actually Rode Gears” Robinson, along with his brother from another mother and training partner, David “Hollywood” Collins, to chat quickly about their first major achievement of the year, which was dominating the Dirty Kanza 200. Then we jump right into their preparation and execution of sub 8 and sub 9 hour Leadville performances.

We cover their training (including key sessions), the course, where they rode smart, and where they made some mistakes along the way. This will be your ultimate guide to the Leadville Race Series 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race.

So get out of that chamois, find a soft surface, crank up the volume and join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches!

Shout Outs:
USA Triathlon National Championships – Cleveland!
Phillip Young, Greg Rohde, Tony Gambrell, Kellan Maxwell, Ben and Jon Dixon, Bubba Hayes, Jordan Green, Kirsten Sass, Justin Lippert, Travis Wood, Gabi Broschard, Rachel Mensch

Jackson, MS LAMBRA Road Race Championship
Sally Landham, Mary Haizlip

Coaches on Couches Ep. 50 – USAT National Championship Course Changes – When and What to Upgrade or When to Buy New

This episode is really three fold. First we briefly run through the changes and improvements to the 2019 USA Triathlon National Championship course in Cleveland, OH.

Secondly, we run through when and what to upgrade if you are looking for performance gains (faster splits, speeds, etc).

Lastly, we cover when it’s just a better idea to bite the bullet and look into getting a complete bike.

It’s a tricky topic that really revolves around what you are looking to achieve, your budget, and how hard you are jonesing for a new ride. We get it! We’re always looking for an excuse to add to the stable.

Shout Outs:

Cliff Abeles – 1st Half Iron Finish – 70.3 Ohio

Liz Hall – 5k PR

Rich Wu – 3 podium finishes at Rogers Cycling Classic

Leigh Ruston – 2nd place State Road Race

Good Luck:
Riverbluff Tri Athletes – Fight for the belt!

Coaches on Couches Ep. 49 – Benefits of a Coach to the “Non-Competitive” Athlete


This week, we discuss the benefits of having a coach to those who don’t consider themselves competitive in their sport.

We answer a listener question: “with little hope or desire to become a pro, what are the reasons to train with a coach?”

You may not think you’re (fill in the blank) enough to work with a coach. But the truth is, if you have a desire to improve in any aspect of health, wellness, or sport performance, a good coach is worth his or her weight in gold.

If you’ve ever considered hiring a coach but talked yourself out of it for whatever reason, you won’t want to miss this episode.

You can find out more about our coaching services at

Shout Outs:

Mighty Mite Triathlon
Tim Linn – fastest splits in all 3 sports – Exhibition
Phillip Young – 4th overall
Jessica Wang – 1st AG
Chris Watts – 7th overall

Sally Landham – 4th Overall at The Eurekan.

Liz Hall – fastest mile split to date

Good Luck
Ohio 70.3
TN State Road Race