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Monday Results Recap – Week 23, 2014

Very solid week of results for our athletes. Here we go:

Nikki Balderson goes 4:45 at Eagleman 70.3, taking 6th overall in her AG and 38th overall female (including pros) and setting a 70.3 PR. Huge result at arguably the 2nd most competitive 70.3 on the North American circuit.

Harbortown 5k
Derek Morgan sets a huge 5k PR (17:08) and gets 5th overall. Rachel Randall takes 1st AG. Stacy Chick takes 3rd AG. Liz Alford sets a 5K PR.

Liz Lavelle Road Race
Julie Cook takes the win from a solo move in the women’s race. Bryan Thames finishes 9th in the P123 race. Dannie Medlin and Steve Fermanich finish 9th and 10th respectively after working for the team to seal the win.

Tour De Louisianne
Coach Ben takes 3rd in the Pro123 road race and 9th in the TT, and taking 4th overall in the GC.
Coach Dale finished 6th in the Pro123 TT after flatting out of the winning break in the road race.

Adrianna Rodrigez sets a 5k PR at Run in the Sun in Oxford, MS!


Great job everyone!

Weekend Athlete Results Recap!

Busy weekend of racing with plenty of our athletes heading over to Jackson, TN, to tackle the Rockabilly Gran Prix Omnium. This is a race our company sponsor’s and our teams co-direct. Thanks to all the volunteers that made it happen. Big thanks to Matt Joiner, Mark Yoshida, and Steve Fermanich who dedicated A LOT of time to make this a top notch event. Pro/1/2 results:

  • Coach Bryant  took 1st in the crit from a two man move. Combined with 3rd in the TT and 10th in the RR, he ended up 2nd overall in the omnium, only 1 point behind overall winner Stephen Bassett.


  • Scott Newberry rolls a smoking fast TT, giving him 4th place only 14 seconds behind the winner. He did huge work in the RR earlier in the day making this an even better result. Unfortunately, an untimely flat in the crit ended his race.


  • Coach Ben Knoernschild made the winning move in the RR, along with teammate Peter Reed. He ended up with a very solid 4th place! He followed that up with a top 10 in the TT.

BenK Cat 3 results:

  • Cody McCoy rode to 2nd place in crit, 5th in the RR, and 4th in the TT. This was good enough to finish 2nd overall behind the Junior CX national champion.


  • Phil Daniele finished 7th in TT and rode his behind off in support of his teammates in the RR and Crit. He’s showing great fitness, just a matter of time before he’s in the right move.


  • Bryan Thames rode great in support of the team leaders all weekend. Just like Phil, he’s really coming into great form and should be a threat in the coming races.


  • Brett Shanaman finished 3rd in the TT. This was his first race back after neck surgery just a few months ago. Although he’s not cleared for mass start races…it’s obvious the intervals are paying off!

Women (1/2/3/4)

  • Emily Strange was the 1st place Cat 4 rider in the TT and Crit, and 2nd Cat 4 in the RR, all while riding in support of her team leaders. At 16 years old, there are plenty of bright days ahead!


  • Julie Cook rocked the house working for the team leaders. She was on the front pulling back plenty of dangerous moves to protect her captains. It’s not the most glamourous role, but that’s why this is such a great team sport…having people willing to sacrifice personal results for the good of the team!

IMG_4379(1) Cat 4’s:

  • Steve Fermanich, Adam Murphree, and the rest of the team rode strong while also doing double duties of volunteer work for the race. They’ll be coming out hungry at this weekends Liz LaVelle RR.

Race Warm-up Guide

A good warm-up is imperative to a good race start. Here are some of the warm-ups we use with our athletes based on their event.

As a general rule, the shorter the event, the longer the warm-up needs to be. You also need to include race specific efforts into your warm-up.

Use this as a starting point and adjust based on how your body responds, but it is not uncommon for us to have our athletes do closer to a 1 hour warm-up for short, hard events.

On the other side of the coin, we may shorten these warm-ups if the race has a neutral start or other features that will allow for a more gradual build into the race. What works for one of our athletes may not work for another – the key is finding what works for you.

Use your warm-up time to start visualizing your race. Simulate some of the efforts you expect to encounter and put yourself in those positions both mentally and physically.

Be confident and trust your training!

Note 1: Dynamic warm-up embedded at bottom of page.

Note 2: We discussed this in more detail on our Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for it already, make sure you do so you don’t miss out!


Cycling warm up



Run warm-up





Short Dynamic Warm-up:


Monday Results Recap – Week 20 – 2014

Here we go….Monday Results Recap!

At regionals, Caroline Cook takes 2nd in the 3200, 1st in the 1600, 1st in the 300 hurdles, and then 1st in the 800, qualifying for the state meet in each event and helping her team take 2nd in the meet.

Bennett Isabella takes 2nd overall at the Blaine Sprint tri just behind local pro, good buddy, and secret nemesis, Devon Palmer.

Huge showing at the Memphis in May Triathlon and Mud Fest.

Saturday in the sprint, David Boyd takes 4th overall and 1st AG with an impressive performance, coach Dale was 5th overall and 1st AG, Jarred Thweatt was 6th overall and 1st AG. In the women’s field, Nikki Balderson takes 3rd overall, and Cindy Clark sets an impressive sprint PR.

On Sunday, Gary Zyriek rolls (55:50/26.7 mph) his mixed relay team to the win, coach Funston’s (54:12/27.5mph) mixed team takes 2nd, and Derek Morgan runs a 10k PR (36:40) to take his mixed relay into 3rd. Kevin McGill flats 3 miles out and still averages over 21mph to help his mixed relay take 5th. Stacy Chick seals the deal helping her all female relay team take the win in their category.

In the female Age Group categories, Nikki Balderson takes 5th overall and 1st AG, Cindy Clark sets a PR by over 20 minutes, and Liz Alford runs a 10k PR off the bike in her first olympic distance tri!

In the mens AG categories, coach Dale takes 7th overall and 1st AG, Jarred Thweatt takes 10th overall and 2nd AG.

In the 2 day Amateur challenge, Nikki Balderson takes 5th overall female, coach Dale takes 4th overall male, and Jarred Thweatt takes 6th overall male. Cash money!

Congrats to all of our athletes!


*Photo creds to whomever took these photos

Brooks Fowler

Having you coach me to my first Half Ironman finish was awesome. But what was even more impressive was the fact that my overall quality of life increased as well.  You can’t put a price on that!” – Brooks Fowler, Memphis, TN