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Coaches on Couches Ep. 61 – Big Winter Cycling Gains By Maximizing Indoor Training

Today on the couch we are going to give you our exact recipe for making massive gains on the bike over the winter. This usually means a decent amount of indoor training due to colder weather and less daylight. But that’s not an excuse to hibernate! Nobody wants to revive their base fitness every single spring. On the contrary, a lot of athletes commit to do the work, and when group rides and racing start back up in March they are ripping people’s legs off!

If you are one of those cyclists or triathletes who poo poo the trainer, we’ll give some tips on how to learn to love…well at least tolerate it.

So if you want to be the hammer and not the nail this spring, join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches!

Shout Outs:
Phillip Young – Back to Back AG Aquabike National Champ!
Michael Ort – Los Cabos 70.3

Good Luck
Natchez Libre Gravel Grinder

Coaches on Couches Ep. 60 – The Magic of Layering for Cold Weather Training

It’s that time of the year. Long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves. Shorts, tights, thermals. Thick gloves, or just the liners. If I overdo it I’ll be soaking wet. If I under do it I’ll freeze, or at best be the person with the bloody nipple kit.

Fear not, we’re here to walk you through the magic of layering…yes, via some simple layering techniques you too can survive almost any training and racing conditions Mother Nature can conjure up.

So grab your balaclava, find your quiet spot, and join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches.

Shout Outs: House of Pain Athletes

Good Luck: BRX Half Marathon, Grit and Grind Gravel Grinder, TN State Cross Country Championships

Coaches on Couches Ep. 59 – From Dirt to Ironman with Bobby Weakley

Fire fighter, soon to be father, master movie quoter. We’re going to talk about Bobby’ Weakley’s transition…ummm…from mountain bike specialist to ironman finisher. And yes, we start off with WHY. Then the HOW. It wasn’t an easy road to travel. Ridicule from his co-workers and mountain bike buddies. Learning to swim as an adult. Running on road when there’s a perfectly good trail nearby. Tough stuff. But ultimately it culminated to a great performance at Ironman Chattanooga in 2019.

Bobby gives a lot of insight into how he made the jump from a single sport athlete to a multisport monster. If you listen for no other reason it would be to see how many movie quotes Bobby and Coach Dale can throw into one episode. If you watch the Youtube version, we’ve got a running movie quote counter going.

Shout Outs:

Tim Linn – 1st Pro Race – Ironman 70.3 Shanghai

Walking Tall 50k/25k

Race Directors Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon

BHP Rangers and Staff

Coach Chris – 2nd overall male 25k

Rebekah Winter – 2nd overall female 25k

Marcus Jones – 1st overall male 25k – new course record

Hunter Hall – 1st overall make 50k – new course record

Jason Crews – 8th overall 25k

Jessica Wang – 20 min PR – 25k

Tony Gambrell – 4th in Corporate Category – Bourbon Chase Relay

Coaches on Couches Ep. 58 – The Cyclist’s Guide to Running

Today on the couch we are going to chat about how a cyclist can incorporate running into their training regimen without completely demolishing themselves and losing fitness due to injury.

The aerobic engine is there, but the durability is not…just yet. So if you are a 2 wheeler that wants to get more bang for your time crunched buck, build some bone density, and maintain a high level of fitness in the off season, join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches.

Shout Outs:

Hudson Hall – TN State Cross Country Qualifier

William Hennessey – Ran the GA Section of the AT in 23 hours

Michael Ort – Ride to Rosemary and Ironman Louisville in the same week

Ride 2 Rosemary – 500 miles Memphis to Rosemary Beach, FL
Hart Robinson
David Collins
Bubba Ezzell
John Walker
Patrick Nix
Luke Hooper
Ben Ladd

Willis Porter – Oz Trails MTB Race

Good Luck:
Tim Linn – Ironman 70.3 Shanghai

Coaches on Couches Ep. 57 – Making the Most of Your Off Season

Since so many people are closing out their seasons (while others continue to race anything they can find) we are going to talk about the importance of the off season. First we will define what an off season actually is, then we’ll chat about what it should be geared toward, and why what you do in the off season is what really moves the performance needle for the following year.

If you are a fall and winter hibernator, but have real goals for next year, you won’t want to miss this!

Shout Outs:

Ironman Chattanooga
Adrian Hall
Bobby Weakley
Wayne Ogorzalek

Augusta 70.3
John Zinn
Chris Watts

Tristar Cyclocross Weekend
Hart Robinson
David Collins

Leigh Ruston – Just won’t stop!