Wait!? Online fitting? You read that right!

We are proud to finally offer online bike fitting. We know not everyone lives in an area with an expert bike fitter. We also know driving hundreds of miles and killing an entire day to get a bike fit isn’t exactly ideal. We are excited to have a solution to that problem.

What took so long? Let’s just say we weren’t satisfied with the options that existed for analysis and relaying the adjustments that needed to be made up to this point. We have now put together our own fit system that allows us to dial in a fit that we are proud of over video and email.

Before you get all excited, let’s cover who the online fit process IS NOT really for. If you don’t own any tools, a trainer, and/or don’t know how to make adjustments on your own bike, the online fit process is likely NOT for you. Or if you still own a flip phone. In either case, you would be much better suited for an in-person fit.

But, if you can wield a wrench and love the convenience the web brings, then this could be a great option for you. We

So how does it work?

It’s actually pretty simple. Let’s break it down into steps:

  1. Measure the distance between your front and rear skewers in centimeters. We will need this to calibrate our measuring tools.
  2. Take close up pictures of your cleats so we can see positioning.
  3. Film yourself on your bike riding at a race effort for 30-60 seconds in your normal riding position. We ideally need a front, side, and rear video. Check out this video for exactly how to set up your fit video.
  4. Send your video to us via email, Drop Box, or Google Drive.
  5. We analyze your video, and send you back a list of adjustments to make.
  6. Make the adjustments, film yourself again, rinse, repeat until we are both satisfied with the result.


Road Bike - $185

TT or Tri Bike - $205

Coached athletes receive a $30 discount

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