Eat better. Feel better. Look better. PERFORM better.

Fact: You cannot out-exercise poor nutrition.

Proper nutrition is not only a key to a healthy lifestyle, but it is one of the most important pillars of athletic performance. “Junk in, junk out” we always say. But proper nutrition can’t be something you turn on and off when you are 4 weeks away from a goal event. For this reason, we hinge more on the side of educating our clients rather than giving them preset plans that will only help them for a short time. Our nutrition team has extensive knowledge of the needs of athletes because they themselves compete at a high level, and have worked in both a clinical and athletic setting.

Below is a basic list of services and pricing. If you have any questions about services you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nutrition Consultation (Daily/Training/Race) – $175
• Review of medical, nutritional, diet, and training history
• Assessment of energy, fluid, and nutrient needs based on goals
• Review of eating behavior, patterns, and relationship with food
• Review lifestyle complications, food tastes, restrictions, and preferences
• Individualized nutrition counseling and behavior medication based on goals
• Create a personal nutrition guide and provide resources for success

Follow up sessions – $75
• Update on physical and emotional progress from following plan
• Identify additional areas for change
• Provide motivation, support, and education on strategies to meet your goals
• Provide additional resources and encouragement to help meet new goals or continue current goals

Performance Nutrition Coaching Packages (Monthly)

First month: $249 Single – $349 Family
Subsequent Months: $149 Single – $249 Family

Monthly Coaching Includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Monthly follow up with RD via phone, video conference, or in-person (depending on schedule)
  • Meal plan containing up to 8 options for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks based on your likes and planned goals
  • List of goals and suggested behavior changes in order to meet those goals
  • Personal hydration and recovery plan
  • Track progress, intake, and unlimited communication via Mobile RD app
  • BPC’s Guide to Traveling Healthy
  • Grocery List Template

Performance Nutrition Coaching Packages (Paid In Full – Save BIG!)

3 Month Package – $439 Single – $679 Family

6 Month Package – $799 Single – $1,279 Family

Pantry & Fridge Makeover (60 min)  – $100
• Clear out the junk and provide information on essential healthy pantry items
• Fridge organization for food safety, as well as visual cues for healthy eating
• Minimize performance killing foods

Grocery Store Tour (30-60 min) – $75 single/$100 groups, families, couples
• Join Casey for an RD guided tour around your grocery store
• Learn about marketing scams, food labels, budgeting tips

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