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Nov 17, 2016: Our First Facebook Live Q and A

In case you missed it, below is the recording from our Facebook Live Q&A we knocked out on 11/17/2016. We had a great time doing it. If you like the format, let us know and we’ll make more of these happen in the future.

Below the video you’ll find a list of all the questions that we answered. The time in the [brackets] is where you can find it in the video:

[3:10] In reference to the House of Pain online classes: I am not tech savvy. Is it going to be a huge pain to get everything set up? – Stephanie

[4:30] I hate riding the trainer and the thought of doing 2 rides a week on the trainer seems like pure torture. What do I need to tell myself to get motivated to do this (House of Pain Cycling) class? – John

[6:56] If Jarred Thweatt comes out of retirement will coach Bryant become paranoid again? – Jarred Thweatt

[7:28] Getting up hills is one of my issues that I will be working on besides my endurance…will HoP also improve my abilities on climbs? – Renee

[10:03] I don’t have any strength training equipment. What would I need to do a HOP Strength class? – Andy

[12:50] Couple of questions from Logan:

1 – What type of testing, if any, do we need to have done before starting HOP?

2 – Do we need a USB ANT stick or any other electronics besides the camera and powered speakers with our trainer?

[15:34] I enjoy swimming, biking, and running, and don’t want to sacrifice a workout to get in strength work. How do I work it in so it doesn’t interfere with my other training?- Scott

[18:50] When is Coach Dale going to shave? – Anonymous (aka – his wife Molly)

[19:19] Nutrition on Long Rides…what to eat and how often? – Leigh

[21:48] As a coach, how can you help me be accountable for my training? One week I may have 8 hours to train and the next week only 3. – Mark

[24:23] My lower back is sore after running now it turns me into an old man… Ever encounter that before? I’ve thought stretching and being less fat would be a solution. But I’d prefer a quick fix. – Bobby

This was answered with a similar question from Barry, “My training has been sidelined lately with significant sciatic nerve pain in my right hip area. I’ve never had this issue and thought it would just go away eventually—it hasn’t. Any advice on what to do or what type of doctor to see?

[28:05] They say running is 90% mental—-If running is 90% mental, how can we train our minds like we train our bodies? – Emily

[31:53] With the weather changing, can you talk about sickness and training? I know you guys have talked about it before, but that might be a good one to revisit.

[35:35] Can you hit on the importance of easy off days and recovery periods? – Jeff

[38:04] When run training, do you feel it’s better to go off of heart rate or pace or a combo? Scott M.

[41:40] Any recommendations for next week’s prep leading into the House of Pain cycling class? – Christina

[43:05] Will the strength work in the HoP Cycling class be the same as in the HoP Strength class? – Cindy

Holler if you have other questions and we’ll fire up another Q and A!

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