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Newberry Takes 2nd in the TN State Road Race at Highland Rim

Highland Rim Road Race
Four BPC riders (Chuck Lumsden, Don Panarisi, Phil Daniele, and Scott Newberry) participated in the Highland Rim Classic Road Race which was designated as the TN state road race. There were 101 official cat 4 riders on the final results sheet. But the field thinned quickly going up the 3 mile long climb at mile 15. By the end of the climb Scott found himself in the second chase group with about 8 other riders. Chuck and Don found their way into the 3rd chase group once on the plateau. Phil pulled together a 4th chase group after cresting the hill. Scott’s chase group was able to catch both groups in front of them with about 10 miles remaining and five miles to the 3 mile descent. Scott was able to get in a two-man break with about 3 miles from the descent but was caught halfway down the descent. So the race came down to a sprint out of the lead group of about 13 or 14 riders. Scott put himself in a good position for the sprint and was able to secure 2nd place for the team. Chuck and Don found their way to the finish one group behind Scott finishing 49th and 53rd respectively and Phil was not far behind at 61st.

Highland Rim Criterium
After a tough road race which included a 3 mile climb at an average grade of 8%, a torrential downpour cancelled the TT in the afternoon. We were treated to “the most dangerous crit in Tennessee” that included a “deadman’s curve” in wet and sloppy conditions. The Cat 4 riders were the last category to ride so we were able to see the carnage the course inflicted on all the riders. One wreck at the deadmans curve snapped the rider’s fork in half. Only Phil Daniele and Scott Newberry were the only two BPC riders in the 25 man field. BPC rider Scott found his way to the front early and pulled the field around the course for the vast majority of the first 14 or 15 laps of the 18 lap race. Phil had fresh legs and attacked with 3 laps to go, but as he made his way around deadman’s curve three overtaken riders took his line and he was forced to go wide and went over the curb. Although he stayed upright, his chain came off and his rear wheel was not functional. A Cumberland rider attacked with one lap to go and Newberry fell to the back of the lead group and held on for 9th in the crit. He picked up a 7 points for his effort and secured 2nd in the overall standings.

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