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Mississippi Gran Prix (MSGP) Race Weekend Footage

It was a hard fought weekend in Brookhaven, MS. But, as usual, it was a great event which is the reason we bring our athletes, teams, and ourselves back there every year for this awesome stage race. Big thanks to Palmer Cycling for organizing and keeping this event alive for so long.

Here is some footage from the Friday night crit that took place in downtown Brookhaven. This race is always blazing fast and this year was no different with an average speed of over 27 mph. After several attempts, it was obvious the powers that be wanted it to stay together and on the final lap Michael McBrien from LaSport Elite popped off a big sprint to take the win.

When it was all said and done, Coach Bryant was 2nd overall in the GC, and his team, including Coach Dale, Coach Ben and BPC athletes Scott Newberry, Bryan Thames, and Peter Reed, had worked themselves to the bone to keep him there.

Athlete/Coach Results

Crit – Coach Bryant 7th, Coach Dale 8th
Road Race – Coach Bryant 2nd, Peter Reed 9th
TT – Coach Funston 2nd, Scott Newberry 3rd, Peter Reed 8th
Circuit Race – Lots of work to keep it together
GC – Coach Bryant 2nd, Peter Reed 7th
Bryan Thames rode like a boss in his first Pro123 race!

Womens Race
Sally Landham – 1st Overall, 1st RR, 2nd Crit, 3rd TT
Emily Strange – 3rd Overall, 1st Crit, 4th TT, 6th RR

Cat 3/4
Brett Shanaman: 1st Overall, 2nd RR, 2nd Crit, 3rd TT
Jeff Buse: 6th Overall, 6th TT riding in support of the GC on the final day.
Steve Fermanich: Huge work all weekend getting the team 1st and 3rd on GC

Cat 4/5
CJ Neff: 5th Overall in his first Omnium, 5th RR and 6th Crit in support of team.
Hays Patrick: Rode his assets off for the squad

Here is a link to the final results.  Thanks to those who have uploaded their footage.


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