The LEGENDARY Jens Voigt will end his racing career by taking on one of the most demanding of challenges.

It’s only 60 minutes some will say…but the mental and physical demands of riding full out, in a single gear, in a single position, on a velodrome will be extreme.

In honor of this, we’ve got a $50 BPC Gift Card giveaway planned. Here are the details to enter for your chance to win:

  1. Go over to our BPC Facebook Page at
  2. Find the following post that is highlighted with this picture:jensvoigt
  3. Insert your prediction in the comments (they should be below this post as well if you want to input there) for the exact amount of kilometers Jens will cover over 60 minutes. The previous record is 49.700 km’s. Make sure your prediction is to the 3rd decimal!
  4. Sharing is caring…Share the post on your page (your prediction won’t count if you don’t share!).
  5. Tune in to live coverage here:
    1. USA – – it should start LIVE at around 11:30 am Central Daylight Time.
    2. Overaseas:

The person who comes closest to the actual amount wins the $50 Gift Card good for any service or product that BPC offers. Sorry…no cash value.

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