BPC specializes in cross country and mid distance performance. We have years of experience working with and developing high level cross country and track athletes. We are detail oriented, so we don’t just focus on the fitness side of human performance. We bring a multi-faceted, scientific approach to training that is not being offered to youth middle distance and cross country athletes anywhere else.

Head of youth MD and XC, Chris Winter, has over 15 years experience alone coaching cross country and track, and has guided countless athletes to regional, state, and national competitions. For more about Chris, visit our coaches page.

Do you have an 8th grader looking to turn heads their freshman year? A self motivated middle or high school runner looking to get a competitive edge? Check out our Next Level Program options.

XC and Mid Distance Training

Our training sessions and camps focus on one or more of the following areas:

Proper Active Dynamic Warm Ups – Body Position – Phase Based Running Mechanics Progressions – Improving Stride Length – Improving Leg Turnover – Neuromuscular Coordination – Pacing and Other Race Specific Skills – Run Specific Strength Training

XC and Track Team Training Camps (minimum 10 athletes for Memphis area, contact us for location based minimums)
3-4 days, 12 total hours of training – $120 per athlete*

*Price is determined by location and required number of coaches

Contact our National Camp Manager to schedule a BPC Camp in your area.

If you are in the Memphis area, check out our MYA Cross Country Camp

1-on-1 Coaching (1 hour sessions, location agreed upon by coach/athlete)
$100 each

Small Group (min 2 athletes, 1-1.25 hour sessions, location agreed upon by coach and group coordinator)
4 or fewer athletes – $120 per session
5 or more athletes – $30 per athlete per session.

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