As athletes and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we are proud to offer full service coaching to people of any experience level. No matter the goal, we can design a program for you that will insure you are constantly on the right track to reaching and exceeding those goals. Our business is performance, so unlike many part time coaches or trainers, our clients will have the option to work directly with the BPC staff to drop pounds, improve strength, increase power, gain speed, and refine sport specific biomechanics.

The major difference in the coaching program packages is the amount of contact you have with your coach. More contact means more accountability. It also means we have the opportunity to stay very detail oriented with your program, make changes on the fly, and garner  the greatest improvements through very efficient usage of your available training time.

Below is a very detailed video on how our custom online coaching platform works:



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STEP 1: To give us better insight into who you are, your training history, your goals, and your available training time, please fill out and submit our COACHING QUESTIONNAIRE. If you would like to talk more in depth with one of our coaches, please CONTACT US with your time availability and we will be more than happy to sit down to discuss your future successes with BPC.
STEP 2: Open your FREE TrainingPeaks™ account with us. This is where you will receive, log, and upload all of your workouts.

STEP 3: Proceed to our new member’s only website and choose your coaching package.

* Please consider the amount of contact you will need or want to have with your coach when choosing your package. In an effort to give everyone the service and dedication they are paying for, coaches must adhere to the contact guidelines per your coaching package. Coaching levels can always be changed month to month if you need more or less contact. Extra contact or one-on-one training can always be purchased via the personal session pricing below.

THAT’S IT! You are ready to go. Your coach will be in contact with you within 24 hours (if they have not already) and the first week or weeks of your program will be ready for viewing within 48 hours or on your desired starting date. Take this time to get familiar with the TrainingPeaks™ system, and backlog as much training data as you can. This will help your coach determine the starting volume and intensity of your first week with us. 

In-Person Coaching


Program Only Option

If you have any questions, please contact us!