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Coaches on Couches Ep. 8 – Greg Rohde – First Year Triathlete

In this episode we talked to newbie triathlete Greg Rohde about his first season in triathlon, his tips for getting started in multisport, and some things he wish he knew before embarking on this journey.

Greg is a regular dude, with somewhat uncommon levels of focus and self motivation. He works a full time job with a wife in PT school. He also has a life outside of triathlon that includes building awesome custom cafe racer motorcycles.

In his first season, Greg took on only sprint triathlons under the recommendations of Coach D. However, he did take on his first tri ever AND his first USA Triathlon national championship event in the same season. Pretty massive jump!

Coach Dale also goes into how he progressed Greg from an injured runner into a triathlete winning his age group in one season. This wasn’t easy, but with Greg’s work ethic, he made some massive improvements along the way.

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