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Coaches on Couches Ep. 25 – What We Wish We Knew From The Beginning

This week Coach D and Coach B-Fun will run down their TOP 5-ish things that they wish they knew when they first got into cycling and triathlon.

This can also be read ….Coach D and Coach B-Fun will be revealing the Top 5 dumbest things they did when they first got into cycling and triathlon.

The hope is that by professing our blunders we can prevent you from doing the same. Learn from our mistakes, apply it to your own training, and make those gainz faster.

If you have any things that YOU wish you knew in the beginning, shoot us a comment, message, or email. We’d love to hear them!

Don’t miss this week’s shoutouts!

– John Zinn
– Brian Eason
– Hart Robinson and David Collins
– SwimRun TN
– Memphis in May Triathlon
– Rebekah Winter
– Leigh Ruston
– Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast
– And more!

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