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Coaches on Couches Ep. 18 – Sports Nutrition Q&A with Coach Casey Morgan, RDN

Today on the couch we talked to our very own registered dietician nutritionalist, Casey Morgan and answer listener questions on nutrition. We also talk to Casey about her experience and education not only in nutrition, but also as a triathlete and triathlon coach.

Here is a list of questions we touched on (not necessarily in order):

– Is intermittent fasting something I should utilize for an extended period of time?
– I’ve plateaued with my weight loss. What should I do to jump-start my diet again?
– How do you plan for hydration electrolytes with a full iron distance? Do you time out how often you take in sodium, potassium and fluids? How do you know how much volume (fluid) to take in during long events?
– Should you use Tailwind nutrition and Gu at the same time?
– Best way to keep energy up for last miles of marathon? What point is it too late during run to take in a carb load?
– Are cheesy bean & rice burritos and fresco style from Taco Bell a good option for breakfast & lunch?
– How to get a truly accurate count of calorie expenditures during exercise.
– Have you had any experience with endurance athletes following a Ketogenic diet? If so, how did it affect their performance?
– A lot of times pre-race/night before meals can get off track among friends. What are some general do’s and don’ts as far as food protocol the night before a tri or other race?
– How about alcohol intake and recovery?
– What types of food besides gels are easy on the gut and great for fuel on a long bike ride or triathlon?
– I’d like to know her tips for dealing with insulin resistance in athletes and incorporating that into training/races. Is there a proper strategic use for carbs (especially simple carbs)?
– How much better will I be if I go full vegan?

Don’t miss this week’s shoutouts!

– St. Jude Runners
– Michael Ort
– Liz Hall
– Sheri Gubin
– House of Pain Cyclists
– Jamie Bailey
– “Pa”

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