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Coaches on Couches Ep. 17 – Meet Coach D

Today on the couch we are prying into Coach Dale’s personal life in hopes of making him sweat. If nothing else, you’ll find out more on how he got into endurance sports, how he got into coaching, and the driving principles behind how he helps athletes improve on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever wondered why the heck you would take advice from our coaches, today is your opportunity to get to know Coach Dale aka Coach D aka Quads Malone. He’s a cat 2 cyclist, a USAT All-American, and has the biggest quads at any running event.

We get into:

– How and why he got into endurance sports after coming from a background in football and wrestling
– How long he’s been into sport performance, and how long he’s been a full time triathlon, cycling, and running coach
– His collection of NGB certifications and which one he feels was the most valuable
– His love of the flying dismount and transitions in general
– How many races he’s won after eating a chicken biscuit as his prerace meal…actually that’s old news
– How he’s gone from a 230 lb. brute to 170 lb. brute
– Other fun and possibly embarrassing facts

Don’t miss this week’s shoutouts!

– MYA Elite Cross Country Team
– St. Jude Runners
– Leftovers
– Kibwe´Johnson
– Chip Smith
– HOP Cycling Athletes

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