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Coaches on Couches Ep. 15 – Optimizing Winter Training

Today on the couch Coach D and Coach B-Fun are talking about how to optimize your winter training. It’s easy to let the weather dictate your training. Cold weather brings along a lot of excuses for many endurance athletes so the coaches roll through their tips for keeping your training consistent and high quality during those cold winter months.

Some of the topics include:

1. Having a plan and planning ahead.
2. How to stay motivated and accountable.
3. How to maximize the convenience of your training and reduce excuses.
4. How to make it through the holiday stretch without derailing your hard work.

We also talk a little about our upcoming online cycling program that begins December 4th and runs until the time changes and we have more daylight. All the info about this long standing and proven program can be found at

Don’t forget this weeks shoutouts!

Ann-Marie Braese and Arlington Cross Country
Rachel Randall
Margie Ratliff
Hart Robinson
David Collins
Grandma’s Marathon
And More!

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