Today on the Couch, Coach D and B-Fun talk to Andy Blow and Jonny Tye from Precision Hydration about guess what? NOT hydration. We figured they could use a break from the same old same. So since both Andy and Jonny are former pros, exercise science nuts, and now time crunched athletes, we talked to them about how to train for endurance events on 5-6 hours per week.

Just recently Andy trained for the Otillo SwimRun World Championships all on 5 hours of quality work each week. Both Jonny and Andy have trained for an 18 hour paddling race on roughly the same volume. Recently Coach Dale trained for a 50k trail ultra marathon on a peak week of 7 hours and an average of 5 hours per week of running. What’s the secret? The main points revolve around:

1. High intensity training to build the aerobic engine
2. Compromising the normal longer warm up and cool down
3. Planning the workouts into your day just like anything else
4. Planning travel accommodations around workouts
5. Having a goal for each session
7. Training specificity

We also drop plenty of nuggets in the show along with the one thing low volume can’t help you develop for long endurance events.

If you are a cyclist, runner, triathlete, swimrun specialist, or any other do-it-all athlete wanting to go long on little time, you will not want to miss this.

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