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Coaches on Couches Ep. 13 – Leigh Ruston

Today on the couch we talk to Leigh Ruston. Wife, mom, part time personal trainer, bad mamajama competitive cyclist.

Leigh gives insight into how she balances it all (work, family, training) and how she’s handled some serious adversity over the last 2 years. See, 2 years ago Leigh went down in a rainy criterium and shattered her elbow. She fought back, worked hard, only to find the pavement again. This time it was a fractured scapula.

BUT, 3 surgeries and lots of hard work later, she’s reaping the benefits of her positive attitude and awesome work ethic. This has been a break out year for Leigh, despite her wreck. She’s taken home 2 of 3 Cat 3 state jerseys, seen plenty of podiums, and she’s the gal still working at the end of the local hammerfest ride.

She’ll also be giving some tips for any ladies interested in racing a bike! #moregirlsonbikes

This weeks Shout Outs!
– Meg Densmore
– Liz Hall
– Sean Hilsdon and Brian Williams
– Daniel Arnold
– Nathan Huff
– Jason Crews
– Coach Chris
– Rebekah Winter
– Todd Ruston
– Swiftwick Socks

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