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Coaches on Couches – Ep. 1 – Avoiding a Heat Beat Down

In this first episode, Coach D and BFun talk about trends they are seeing from our athletes who train in extreme heat, and ways to minimize performance impacts.

Main Trends:
1. Much higher HR for similar effort
2. Drops in power and pace by as much as 5-10%
3. General freaking out by athletes who think they are loosing fitness.

Hydration Tips:
1. Preload electrolytes, not just water
2. Know your sweat sodium concentration and tailor bottles to that concentration
3. If sweat volume out is greater than fluid in, increase the sodium concentration of your bottles
4. Monitor your sweat losses
5. Pay close attention to post exercise rehydration

Cooling Tips
1. Take partially frozen bottles or any type of cold fluids
2. Use ice socks
3. Target the carotid and femoral arteries with your cold fluids

Training Tips
1. Do quality sessions indoors for the mental boost
2. Go off feel more than a specific target
3. Don’t get discouraged!

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