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Coaches on Couches Ep. 78 – Get Started Fueling for Long Training Sessions and Races

We aren’t pros at this by any means but that’s why we have a RDN on staff! This is a topic we take for granted because we’ve been doing it for so long. We just assume people know they need to eat before and during big training sessions and races. Yet, we constantly get reminded by our newer athletes that it’s not as widely known as we thought. Thanks for smacking us out of our bubble!

So in this episode we cover the basics and some good starting points (with numbers) for fueling before and during long training sessions and races. So for all you starving cyclists, runners, and triathletes out there, sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy two dudes who love to eat talking about food. #alreadyhungry

Shout Outs
Phillip Young – 1st Overall Mighty Mite Triathlon
Hart Robinson – 2nd Overall Mighty Mite Triathlon
Cliff Abeles – 1st Age Group Mighty Mite Triathlon
Walker Barrow – 1st Age Group Mighty Mite Triathlon
Chris Watts – 4th or 6th overall (timing debacle) Fall Creek Falls Olympic Triathlon
Johnny Pitts – 3rd Age Group – Buster Briton Triathlon
Tyler Kenyon – 3rd Place Johnson City Crit – Cat 3 Upgrade

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