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Coaches on Couches Ep.53 – The Golden Rules of Bike Racing As a Team

If you race your bike with a group of other people in the same clothing as you, be it a road race, criterium, or on gravel, there are a set of commandments thou shalt follow 95% of the time to insure you all race as a team. Why? A team is stronger than any one individual 95% of the time. It’s true that overall team strategies work about 5% of the time in amateur racing, but if you follow these simple rules your squad will increase those odds tremendously and hopefully put one of your riders on the top step of the podium.
Team glory first! Personal glory 2nd. Don’t trip when you read that.
You want to be a good teammate right!? Well then gather with your squad, grab a soft surface, and join us for another episode of Coaches on Couches.
Shout Outs
Coach B-Fun – Cat 1 TN Criterium State Champ!
Taylor Herron – Cat 2 TN Criterium State Champ! TBRA Cat 2 Overall Jersey Winner
Tim Linn – 1st Overall Elite – Yeoju Half Distance Tri
Chris Watts – 1st AG Dragonfly Tri
Heather Nichols – 1st AG Dragonfly Tri
Jamie Bailey – 3rd Overall Female Dragonfly Tri
Grayson Edwards – 1st overall Dragonfly Tri
Leigh Ruston – Most Aggressive Rider Award!
Good Luck
ITU World Championship Athletes
Record Challenge Athletes
Gateway Cup
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