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Coaches on Couches Ep. 55 – How To Dominate Hills – A Cycling Guide To Billygoat Status

For those of you who curse, fear, or soil yourself over a bump in the road, we cover our entire guide for improving your climbing ability. A blueprint for hill domination so to speak. The 4 major keys to making these improvements are:

1. Practice
2. Optimizing Technique and Efficiency (this is where we spend most of our time)
3. Dropping Weight
4. Increasing Power

So let’s make mole hills out of mountains on another episode of Coaches on Couches!

Shout Outs:

Dixie Triathlon
Phillip Young – 1st Overall Olympic
Jamie Bailey – 3rd Overall Female Olympic
Cliff Abeles – 2nd AG – Top 20 Olympic
Matt Joiner – 1st Overall Sprint
Greg Rohde – 1st AG Sprint
Heather Nichols – 1st Female Masters – 4th Overall Female

Good Luck:
Renaissance City Triathlon

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