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Coaches on Couches Ep. 48 – Is There a Downside to Racing Too Much?

We all LOVE to race. Some fast. Some long. But for the competitive minded person, racing is the reward! It’s why we continue to put in the work week after week. It’s why we get up early and train late into the day. It’s why we take a pass on some social outings and refrain from…ummmm…lots of things.

But, could there be a downside to racing too much? The answer is a resounding YES!

We know, say it ain’t so! Your whole foundation and identity as an athlete has just been shook to the core. But the fact is, there are a few pretty compelling arguments against racing too much. We see it every year as we put together yearly race calendars for our athletes. But we’ve got a few simple solutions so you can race faster when it counts, and gain a bit more balance to your active lifestyle (read stay married).

Shout Outs:

Paris Landing Triathlon
Heather Nichols – 4th Overall Female Sprint
Jamie Bailey – 2nd Overall Female Olympic
Jessica Wang – 3rd AG Sprint
Tom Ratliff – 2nd AG Sprint
Chris Watts – 2nd AG Sprint
Jordan Green – 1st Overall Olympic
Adrian Hall – 2nd AG Olympic

Tony Gambrell – 8th Overall – Fort Desoto Sprint Tri

Liz Hall – 2nd AG/12th Overall Female – Memphis Road Race Series

Delta Airlines for Cutting Bike Box Fees!

Good Luck
Mighty Mite Triathlon

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