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Coaches on Couches Ep. 41 – 3 Simple Running Form Tweaks That Make a Big Difference

We’ve been teaching running for well over a decade. Coach Dale’s first gig in sport performance was teaching linear acceleration and top speed running mechanics. Running form can be over taught and over complicated, so we are bringing you 3 of the easiest things you can do to improve your running form.

The quick version:
1. Improve your line of sight
2. Power your legs with your arm movements
3. Let your hips and chest fall together while focusing on heel lift (kinda 2 things sorry)

Bonus: Stretch! But which muscles are the most important to running form? Have a listen to this short episode and find out. The shout outs take up the first 8 minutes or so because we had one heck of a race weekend.

Shout Outs:
Memphis in May Triathlon
Greg Rhode
Tony Gambrell
Heather Nichols
Jamie Bailey
John Zinn
Cliff Abeles
Wayne Ogorzalek
Tom Ratliff
Michael Ort
St. Jude Crew – Dr. James Downing, Lynn Wynn, and Coach Chris
Ironman Chattanooga 70.3
Phillip Young – PR and one of top bike times
Adrian Hall – Big PR
Assault on Mount Mitchell
William Hennessey – massive improvement
Cheaha Challenge – Gary Z, 128 miles almost 13k.

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