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Coaches on Couches Ep. 40 – Training Age and What It Should Say About Your Program

This episode could be bit of a controversial one. We will be chatting about what your training age (very different than you chronological age) should say about your training as a whole.

We’ll define training age, and talk about the different stages in an athletes journey, and how skipping a stage can affect an athlete‘s longevity, athletic potential, and enjoyment in their chosen sport.

As a brief, here are the stages we’ll discuss. Keep in mind, some athletes will never reach stage 4 or 5. That’s fine. But skipping any of the first 3 can have a negative impact on an athlete’s athletic or health potential.

Training Ages:

1. Learn to Train
2. Love to Train
3. Train to Improve
4. Train to Compete
5. Train to Excel (Win)
6. Train to Age Gracefully

Which stage are you on?

This Weeks Shoutouts!

– John Zinn
– Wayne Ogorzalek
– Craig Jostes
– All the Mothers
– Eric Cressey
– Brett Cummins

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