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Coaches on Couches Ep. 37 – The Keys to Quick Transitions

Multisport is an A to B race. The clock doesn’t stop in T1 and T2 people. So we are going to release our tips for free speed into the wild. We’ve done dozens of talks and clinics on this subject so we’re refining it down to only the things that can make you faster with just a little knowhow and practice. No intervals required.

So in this episode we talk about the keys of fast transitions. If you have no idea what transitions are, this one may not be for you. Unless you plan to do some multisport events in the near future…then it’s exactly for you. And should be required.

Here are the major bullet points:

– Declutter your transition area.
– Organize your transition area. Consider the order you will take off and put on gear.
– Mark your spot! Don’t rely on your gear to tip you off to your spot (funny story here)
– Learn the flying mount and dismount!
– The ole T2 grab and go
– One last bike and gearing check before going to the swim start
– Practice!

We add in a few more tips and Coach Dale goes into why he doesn’t think shoes on the bike is the fastest way out of T1 for non-drafting events.

If you are ready to take minutes off your overall time, sit back, throw on your goofy looking helmet, get your speed laces set, and join us on the couch.

Shout Outs:
– Mathieu van der Poel

Good Lucks:
– Big Frog Challenge Athletes

If you are local and want to sharpen your skills in T1 and T2, come to our FREE Transition Clinic May 8th, 2019, at 6pm. Ric Nuber YMCA. More info HERE.

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