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Coaches on Couches Ep. 36 – The Value of Sweat Sodium Testing to Endurance Athletes

We’ve talked before (episode 1) about avoiding a heat beat down, but today we are going to talk specifically about the value of sweat sodium testing.

We chat about:
– What is sweat sodium testing?
– Why is sodium so important?
– How much sweat sodium concentration varies in athletes
– What’s the average?
– What to do with the numbers once you have them
– How we test sweat sodium concentration
– Cost of testing and how to find a testing location in your area

Booking group or local (Memphis) testing:

Find a testing center near you:

Estimate your sweat sodium with a free online test:…?source=bpc

Don’t miss this week’s massive list of shout outs!

– Philippe Gilbert
– Ben Kanute and Daniela Ryf
– Makena Gates and Justin Lippert
– Megan Fillnow and Patrick Parish
– Todd Buckingham and Casidy Hickey
– Kirsten Sass
– Hart Robinson and David Collins
– Our Los Locos Duathlon AG Podiums (too many to list for time sake, you know who you are!)
– Ironman Memphis?
– Brian and Jade at Baron’s Man Cave for the tight do’s

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