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Coaches on Couches Ep. 29 – Biggest Running Mistakes

We are bringing Coach Chris Winter back to talk about the top training and racing mistakes we see from new AND experienced runners. We’ll elaborate on how you can avoid falling into these traps and save yourself from the pit of misery. Or an injury. Or other performance killing outcomes.

We aren’t talking about celebrating early or forgetting your shoes. These are mistakes we see time and time again. So we hope by getting them out there, we’ll save at least one runner, and thus save the world…


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Just a few of the mistakes we cover in this episode:

-starting off too slow or too fast

-improper warm up and/or cool down

-running through an injury

-never learning to run fast

-doing easy runs too hard

-too much too soon (over training)

-focusing too much on weekly milage

-no nutrition or hydration


This week’s shoutouts!

-William Hennessy

-Matt Mitchell

-Nick and Bennett Isabella

-Heart Robinson

-Everyone giving us feedback!


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