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Coaches on Couches Ep. 24 – Short Course is Not a Crime

In this episode Coach D and Coach B-Fun talk about the benefits of short course racing in relation to overall speed skills development, long course speed, cost savings, and the growth of the sport of triathlon.

For those that don’t know, short course is basically sprint or olympic distance in the sport of triathlon. At times it seems to be a dying discipline with all the major focus going to half and full distance events. But there are a ton of direct and indirect benefits to entering and competing in local or region short course events.

We also plead our case to those that only focus on long course by laying our some of the benefits that can help those athletes go faster over longer distances, including the best season layout for smashing a long course event. We can’t grow the sport without you guys and gals!

See you at the races.

This week’s shout outs:

– Greg Rhode
– Allie Timms
– William Hennessey
– Doug Earthman

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