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Coaches on Couches Ep. 23 – How Repetitive Should My Training Be?

Today on the couch Coach D and Coach B-Fun answer a question we get a lot from athletes who simply put, want to make the most out of their training.

How repetitive should my training be?

It’s a simple answer that you may or may not like. It’s also a part of coaching that is tough to balance when you are trying to keep people from abandoning ship on their training.

Here are some of the key points:

1. You need to choose the focus of a quality workout. Then repeat that 1-3x per week depending on if you are a single sport athlete or multisport. Most people can handle about 2 quality sessions (hard focus/structure) per week. Multisport athletes can handle 1-2 in each sport, but not 2 in each sport every week.

2. Repeat those sessions, with proper recovery, until you no longer see improvement.

3. To make it more interesting, simply keep the focus and change the loading method (12×400 repeats vs 6×800). As long as the focus stays similar, you’ll be on track to improve.

4. The fewer quality sessions you do, the more repetitive they need to be.

Don’t miss this week’s shout outs:

– Mathew Roberts (Our Digital Content Intern)
– Max Paquette
– Hart Robinson
– David Collins
– Mississippi Gravel Cup
– Slowtwitch

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