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Coaches on Couches Ep. 19 – Holiday Gift Ideas for Endurance Athletes

Today on the couch…Gift ideas for endurance athletes!

Endurance athletes may be some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. The dead ringer gifts are all super pricey and all the less expensive gifts end up “magically” appearing on any given day.

But today we will be offering up our gift ideas at several different price points based on things that we get the most use out of as athletes. Any one of these gifts, if your athlete hasn’t already bought it for themselves, will get you maximum brownie points. Maybe even real brownies.

We have a few (ok maybe a bunch) of shameless plugs for our own services, but none of the product recommendations are paid advertisements or have a positive affect on our wallets. But they should.

This weeks shoutouts:

– Michael Ort
– CJ Neff
– Swimsmooth

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